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About This Program

The AHAM Verification Program for Room Air Conditioners

The Public's Interest is Paramount

The consumer - through AHAM's Room Air Conditioner Verification Program - can be certain that the nameplate of a room air conditioner accurately states the unit's cooling rating, EER, and amperes, as well as and heating capacity (if listed). The AHAM Verification Mark on the unit and listing in the AHAM Verification Directory verify that the unit has been tested and operates as claimed by the manufacturer.

Scope of the Program

The program is open to all manufacturers, both members and non-members of AHAM, and to firms that market private brand models. Participation is voluntary. All models manufactured or marketed in the United States by a participant must be verified for cooling and heating capacity, EER and amperes.


Verification Mark

The AHAM Room Air Conditioner Verification Mark is issued by AHAM to all manufacturers and private brand resellers of room air conditioners who are licensees in the program. The Mark assures that the cooling capacity, heating capacity; EER and ampere ratings of all room air conditioners bearing this mark are determined and accurately stated in accordance with DOE Test Procedure.


ENERGY STAR Verification

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires third-party certification and verification of all room air conditioners bearing the ENERGY STAR label.   The AHAM Verification program has been approved by EPA to provide verification testing for ENERGY STAR models.  All ENERGY STAR models shown in this directory are required to meet the requirements of both AHAM verification testing and ENERGY STAR verification testing.


Test Procedures Verify Accuracy of the Ratings

As sponsor and the verifying authority of the program, AHAM retains a testing laboratory (Intertek) to administer the testing of models and verification of data. Sample units are tested for compliance with the DOE test procedure and the Procedural Guide for the Room Air Conditioner Verification Program.


Selection of Models to Test

The Verification program requires that 50% of each licensee's new basic models and at least 10% of each licensee's carryover basic models be tested to average a 25% basic model testing program. At least one additional unit is tested of any model whose production during a program year exceeds 20,000 units. At least 10% of each participant's ENERGY STAR models are verified each year. The laboratory retained by AHAM determines which models to test. The manufacturer does not know which models are to be tested, nor when any test will be conducted.